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  • siddharta - herman hesse
  • kill bill vol2 soundtrack
  • ghost in the shell the movie.

the best things happen in my room sweet room is, time always revolves around books, movies and music. and that's what i call relaxing.


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let's rest, my second mind.

do you care when i care? do you care when i walk a thousand miles just to see you? do you care when i am hurt? do you care when i am alone, lost and freezing? do care when i am numb? do you care when i always there? do you care when i cast down my heart in front of nobody but you? do you care when i entice your mind? do you care when i bleed?  do you care when i need you yet i remain silent? do you care when i borrow you in my every sweetest dream? do you care when i think the future? do you care when i want to hold you?

because i just cannot simply stop you, my second mind. maybe it is the manner and the meaning of the divine to put it  hard and winding and storming, until it finds it's end. is it limited or limitless?



best friend knows it all

i just simply want to say THANK YOU with warm kisses and hugs to my dearest friends who, "sensitively" care with my mad disease yesterday.

Rensi for calling me in the middle of the day *when the disease went up*

Maudy...oh my dear, so dearest maudy...i just LOVE you. only God knows how could we be so close as SDSD. as soon as i can i will fly to you.

Pendi. the next stephen chow who burst my laugh out big! *attention people, he is the guy who broke agnes monica's heart into pieces and also the guy who's sometimes wrongfully seen as vj daniel*, and i always wonder how come a cute, caring and loveable guy like him still stay single? mod? i'm sure you guys will make a great couple!




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